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Would you like to make a positive impact on a child’s summer experience?

You can sponsor swimming lessons, an educational field trip, a week at camp, or even a whole camp experience! More than 80% of each gift is allocated directly to camp programs and services.

Adventure Day Camp: $1,500

$1,500 provides 5 weeks of Adventure Day Camp, including field trips, swim lessons, and meals for an underserved child.

Farrington Nature Linc: $350

$350 provides one week at Farrington Nature Linc, where campers learn about edible plants, feed animals, and explore nature. 

Daybreak Day Camp: $500

$500 provides one week of highly supportive day camp for underserved children with special needs at Daybreak Day Camp.

Swimming Lessons: $150

$150 provides swimming lessons for two campers, helping them build friendships and confidence while learning a lifelong skill.